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Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2015

Working together as a twosome has its plus points. We shoot together seamlessly, with a style so similar we sometimes don’t know who shot what. We know how each other works, and how to work together. We have been known to take exactly the same photograph. We laugh, play silly music while editing, wear inappropriate onesies on cold days in the office, and always argue whose turn it is to put the kettle on. Basically, it is good to have each other for support, and to share the good times. And, right now, these are good times for The Twins.

At the end of July we received an email inviting us to submit a portfolio for Rangefinder’s Rising Stars of 2015. It’s a prestigious list, and one we had only ever dared dream to be included on. So to have an editor of Rangefinder magazine telling us we had been nominated, was, frankly, a dream come true.

After much procrastination, endless cups of tea, and advice from a couple of photographers we admire, we finally selected a portfolio of 30 images, sent them off, and tried not to think about it during a busy summer wedding season. Until September arrived, and… “Yes, you are reading this right – you have been been chosen as one of the 30 Rising Stars of 2015!!!”

Damn cool. In fact, let’s not even pretend to be cool about this. We’re far too excited and uncool for that. We may have even performed some small, and very uncool, dance moves around the kitchen in our onesies *…

The distinction is awarded to wedding photographers from all over the globe who have been working for fewer than five years and deemed to be “the best emerging talent in the industry today”. The judges, editors at Rangefinder magazine, looked through 200 portfolios before choosing the final list. Some of our favourite wedding photographers, like Nordica, Ed Peers, James Frost and Jennifer Moher, have been included in previous years, so it’s an honour to be in there this time around.

A big thanks to our cool, creative and kind couples, and here’s to many more adventures, weddings, fun, travel, and photography. One day I may even perfect how to attach a groom’s buttonhole.

Oh… and this is our submission portfolio. Thank you, Rangefinder, for choosing us.

Caroline + Kelly

(* You won’t see THAT moment on Instagram. No way.)

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