Kelly + CarolineTwo peas in a pod

  • Caroline

  • Hello… I'm Caroline. One half of The Twins and enthusiastic wearer of oversized scarves.

    I took up photography more years ago than I care to admit, and, after years working as BBC journalist, went to study my craft at Saint Martin's College. Photographing weddings means I can indulge in everything I love - documentary, portraiture, fashion and still life, and put it together to tell a story.

    I love ballet, shooting on old film cameras, and stirring Bloody Marys with a celery stick. I drink more tea than is healthy, and would live on hazelnut chocolate if my body would allow.

    When I'm not shooting weddings, you'll find me working at Kelly's kitchen table, or building sandcastles with my husband and two children near our seaside home.

  • Kelly

  • Hello… I'm Kelly. The other twin. The nice one, before you ask. But don't tell Caroline I said that.

    I began my journey with photography back in the days of film and darkroom. It was love at first click, and a love that endures to this day.

    I am at my happiest when lost in a creative project: Design, patterns, words, colour.

    But as I am in the real world, then you'll find me whizzing around at 100mph, clearing chocolate crumbs from my kitchen table, or throwing soggy balls for my dog with my husband and awesome kids.

    My mission in life is to make myself a dress. A very colourful one.

Stylish storytelling
  • Stylish storytelling

  • Our style is classic and timeless. It's not about slavishly following the latest trends, but giving a gentle nod in their direction.

    Taking a documentary approach, it's about using light and composition to capture the people you love, and the little things you worked so hard to create. It's the smiles. The emotions.

    It's the way things feel. We notice the nuances, like the nervous wringing of hands, or a final deep breath before walking down the aisle. The look on a loved one's face as you say your vows. It's the colour of the sky. The sunshine through the clouds. The wind whipping up your dress as you walk into the ceremony.

    It's telling your story in our stylish way.